We are a professional leasing company in Dong Da District, Hanoi. The rental housing is suitable for foreigners. The house for rent in Dong Da district is very nice, the rent is very reasonable. Our agents have available residences here. We have very large rental data, meet the needs of hiring of foreigners as well as Vietnameses. Private house for rent includes 2 to 7 bedrooms, high class furniture. Available wifi internet & cable tv.

Bedrooms: 5Bathrooms: 565M²
Bedrooms: 5Bathrooms: 5320M²
Bedrooms: 6Bathrooms: 5130M²
Bedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 3260M²
Bedrooms: 2Bathrooms: 3120M²
Bedrooms: 7Bathrooms: 7180M²
Bedrooms: 5Bathrooms: 585M²
Bedrooms: 6Bathrooms: 450M²
Bedrooms: 6Bathrooms: 7150M²
Bedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 480M²
Bedrooms: 3Bathrooms: 380M²
Bedrooms: 3Bathrooms: 3150M²

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