Home Sweet Home Hanoi would like to share with you some things about Hanoi Real Estate Frequently Asked Questions.



1. What should I do to rent a home or house in Hanoi Vietnam?


Simply, you only need a visa and passort to do bussiness, work, study in Hanoi. The Lessor will help you to register your staying at Hanoi's Police.



2. Which interests do I enjoy if I lease an apartment, serviced apartment, house or villa in Hanoi?


The answer is that you have more room, more privacy and cheaper in comparision with Hotel room reservations. Moreover, Living in an apartment, house or villa is as a home away from home.



3. Where should I rent a home in Hanoi?


It depends on your needs. However, to our best knowledge, West Lake - Tay Ho, Hoan Kiem, Hai Ba Trung, Dong Da, Ba Dinh, Cau Giay and Tu Liem District will be more suitable for you since most of the foreigners like living there to enjoy better services: easy traffic, supermarkets, international schools for kids, being-close-to offices, etc.



4. What costs should I pay when I rent lease a home or office in Hanoi?


For rental private apartments, houses, villas, offices:

Firstly, you have to pay the housing rental to the Lessor (normally excluding VAT).

Secondly, electricity, water, telephone bills will be paid by the Lessee.

For rental serviced apartments:

Usually, water consumption, cable TV, internet, housekeeping services are included in the rental, but electricity bill is excluded. Note: Details of the housing rental will be negotiated by the Tenants and Lessees with the professional positive help from Home Sweet Home Hanoi.



5. Do I have to make a deposit before moving into a home?


Why not? To make sure the home you love will be rent out to you, a deposit ought to be made by you. If not, other client may lease it before your decision.



6. Do I have to make a deposit during renting a home?


Most of the Lessors ask you to make a deposit, and it will be refunded when the lease contract ends.



7.How long should my contract be?


It should be at least 3 rental months up to years. For rental weeks to under 3 months, please booking online by email at homesweethomehanoi@gmail.com or ring at 0919.23.8898



8. Who decides the last rental price?


It will be made by both the Tenant and the Owner with professional & objective help from Home Sweet Home Hanoi. Thus, the Tenant can obtain the best price of the best.



9. What benifits can I earn from Home Sweet Home Hanoi?


First of all, you do not have to pay us any commission when renting a home or house with us. The landlord has to do that. A question may arise by doing so, the intermediary rental is higher than the direct rental by owners, isn't? The answer is NO, because the Landlord can get the house rent out faster and enjoy professional property services of us.

Secondly, since we know the availability of properties and the market rental prices well, we can give you the better advice of the realty location - the right home or house; the right price; the better negotiation and the better services.



10. Foreigners buying property in vietnam


Vietnam will allow foreigners to buy houses for the first time with one simple requirement, they must enter Vietnam legally.
They will be able to own the property for a maximum of 50 years and enjoy the same rights to lease, transfer or sell the property as Vietnamese citizens.
The new law will extend the rules that currently apply to apartments, according to the amended Housing Law which will take effect on July 1, 2015.
The law passed with 77.46 percent approval in the National Assembly during a Tuesday session.
Foreign entities who have invested in housing projects in Vietnam, foreign-invested enterprises; branch and representative offices of foreign companies in Vietnam, foreign investment funds; and foreign bank branches will all be entitled to purchase real estate under the law.
According to the amended law, foreign individuals and entities will only be allowed to buy, receive, or inherit apartments and houses in commercial projects and not in areas that limit or ban foreigners.
They are able to buy a maximum of 30 percent of apartments in a block and 250 houses in a given ward.
Individual foreigners may extend their home ownership after 50 years, according to their need. The government provide further details about the extension process in the future.

They may lease their property for any “purposes that is not banned by law” but must also inform the provincial house management agency before leasing the property.
Foreign property owners will also be subject to the nation's property taxes.
Foreign entities can already buy property to house their employees, but they are not able to lease or use it toward any other purpose.





Wish you will have a great time in Hanoi, Vietnam!

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