A professional real estate agent in Dong Da offers a wide range of serviced apartments rental for both short term and long term. Professional studio style serviced apartment, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom or 3 brs. The apartments have reasonable rental fees, including cable TV, internet, security guard, elevator, parking, water and cleaning or laundry for 1 to 3 sessions per week. The apartments are suitable for all clients from Asia to Europe, America .. There are enough facilities around for foreigners. You are looking for an apartment in Hanoi, do not hesitate to call us. We kindly serve you.

Location:: N/aID: 3786
Bedrooms: 1Bathrooms: 150 sq M (m2)M²
Location:: N/aID: 3734
Bedrooms: 2Bathrooms: 285sqm (m2)M²
Location:: N/aID: 3733
Bedrooms: 1Bathrooms: 160 sqm (m2)M²
Location:: N/aID: 3606
Bedrooms: 2Bathrooms: 2120 sq M (m2)M²
Location:: N/aID: 3449
Bedrooms: 1Bathrooms: 145 sq mM²
Location:: N/aID: 3417
Bedrooms: 1Bathrooms: 150 sq M (m2)M²
Location:: N/aID: 3411
Bedrooms: 1Bathrooms: 150 sqm (m2)M²
Location:: N/aID: 3313
Bedrooms: 2Bathrooms: 2100m2M²
Location:: N/aID: 3305
Bedrooms: 1Bathrooms: 150sqmM²
Location:: N/aID: 3279
Bedrooms: 1Bathrooms: 160 sq mM²
Location:: N/aID: 3227
Bedrooms: 1Bathrooms: 140 sqmM²
Location:: N/aID: 3154
Bedrooms: 2Bathrooms: 250 sq mM²

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