Find a best serviced apartment in Tay Ho dist to rent. In Tay Ho dist has many beautiful serviced apartments for foreigners to rent. There are many kinds of serviced apartment in Tay Ho for Expats choose. Studio apartment for rent, one bedroom apartment, two bedroom apartment, three bedroom apartment or even four bedroom apartment for rent in Duplex apartment & penthouse apartment. The cheapest rental price from 250$/month to highest rental price is 5,000$/month. Normally, serviced apartment included water, internet, cable tv or more than is laundry. There are many serviced apartments in face of Westlake Hanoi for rent, these apartments have nice balcony, lake view, lift, security guard, airy and a lot of natural light. They are close to shops, supermarkets, gyms, bars and pubs. We are a real estate agency in Hanoi, we are knowledgeable about this location very well. Therefore, we can help renter find a serviced apartment in the best conditions for our customer, exactly your needs. We have many empty apartments for tenants to move in right at the streets of To Ngoc Van, Dang Thai Mai, Xuan Dieu, Quang Khanh, Quang An, Tu Hoa, Nghi Tam .. We always bring you most reasonable rental.

Location:: N/aID: 3697
Bedrooms: 2Bathrooms: 3200 sq mM²
Location:: N/aID: 3692
Bedrooms: 2Bathrooms: 2100 sq mM²
Location:: N/aID: 3686
Bedrooms: 2Bathrooms: 2110 sqmM²
Location:: N/aID: 3682
Bedrooms: 2Bathrooms: 290 sq.mM²
Location:: N/aID: 3680
Bedrooms: 2Bathrooms: 290 sq.mM²
Location:: N/aID: 3667
Bedrooms: 1Bathrooms: 280 sq mM²
Location:: N/aID: 3666
Bedrooms: 3Bathrooms: 4180 sq mM²
Location:: N/aID: 3664
Bedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 3220 sqmM²
Location:: N/aID: 3663
Bedrooms: 1Bathrooms: 150 sq.mM²
Location:: N/aID: 3653
Bedrooms: 2Bathrooms: 285 sq mM²
Location:: N/aID: 3652
Bedrooms: 1Bathrooms: 155 sq.mM²
Location:: N/aID: 3651
Bedrooms: 1Bathrooms: 145sq.mM²

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