Villas for rent in Ciputra International City, Hanoi.

Ciputra Hanoi offers the Spacious Green landed houses located only 15 minutes from Hanoi City center. Each elegant and traditional designs spacious house has its own front yard, back yard, comprises 3 to 5 bedrooms, depending on its size, with public and private space for family members and a separate garage to ensure an elegant composition of the house.

From the entrance gate, proceed along the road flanked by two rows of beautiful trees. Pause in front of a light yellow house with large windows and spotless white curtains, surrounded by lush green grass. A flagstone path leads you up the three steps to the front door and home of your back after the stressful working hours.

Our residents can find such a place in the Green Spacious landed house area of Ciputra Hanoi International City. This Green Spacious housing complex is based on a convenient infrastructure system and transportation network. Ciputra residential members are most impressed by the open space and green environment, with a park and water surfaces that are ideal for families, featuring a playground for children, a school, a future hospital, a shopping mall center (implementation), mini marts and other facilities.

Bedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 4300M²
Bedrooms: 5Bathrooms: 4217M²
Bedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 3126M²
Location:: N/aID: 374
Bedrooms: 5Bathrooms: 4180M²
Location:: N/aID: 373
Bedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 3126M²
Bedrooms: 5Bathrooms: 4230M²
Location:: N/aID: 371
Bedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 4180M²
Bedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 3140M²
Bedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 3250M²
Bedrooms: 6Bathrooms: 4230M²
Bedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 3180M²
Bedrooms: 5Bathrooms: 3350M²

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