Find a villa for rent in Hanoi?

Villa is a good choice for families, expats, and a group of friends. Villas are primarily found in Tay Ho District, in urban areas such as: Ciputra International City, Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh, My Dinh, Vincom Village. 

Almost Villa in Hanoi has land area from 100 m2 to 500m2, they are spacious, with outside space, gated entrances, garage, balconies, garden, courtyard and sometimes even a pool. For a list of villas to rent in Hanoi, call our agents or fill an online form to arrange a viewing. We will help you to quickly find suitable villas.

Bedrooms: 5Bathrooms: 5300M²
Bedrooms: 5Bathrooms: 4270M²
Bedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 3270M²
Bedrooms: 5Bathrooms: 4200M²
Bedrooms: 5Bathrooms: 3200M²
Bedrooms: 5Bathrooms: 4230M²
Bedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 3126M²
Bedrooms: 5Bathrooms: 5450M²
Bedrooms: 5Bathrooms: 4330M²
Bedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 4150M²
Bedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 4210M²
Bedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 3150M²

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